10 Reasons To Never Trust A German Shepherd

German Shepherds simply can’t be trusted.

Despite their big eyes and wagging tails, they have a devious side that would be hard to ignore.

The following is a list of ten very good reasons to protect yourself from their charming personalities.

Brace yourself!

#1 If you wear makeup, beware

These dogs are notorious for licking your face the second after you have finally got your look just right. They seem to have something against makeup. You can pretty much just give up on getting your contouring powder to stay put.

#2 If you have a front door, you’re doomed

German Shepherds are well known for how excited they get when you come home – especially when you are entering through the door. They will pounce, lick, and generally show way too much love. If you’re not careful, they might even manage to knock you over.

#3 They will make you laugh until it hurts

These dogs are well-known for their antics and silly behavior. They will have you laughing so hard that you may need medical intervention.

#4 They will use mind control on you

If they want you to throw a ball, feed them, play with them, or bring them on a walk, then they will stare at you with their large mesmerizing eyes until you suddenly feel inexplicably compelled to bow down to their every desire.

#5 They will steal your seat every single time

Every time you have a perfectly comfortable spot on the sofa, and you get up for a moment, you can be completely assured that you will return to your German Shepherd keeping it warm for you.

That would seem nice but remember that they also use mind control. For reasons you will not be able to explain, you will want the dog to keep your perfectly comfortable spot while you end up sitting on the floor.

#6 They will make you look like a crazy dog parent

You will find yourself arguing with them when they want to stay out a little longer and you just want to go inside because it’s pouring down rain. The neighbors will wonder what all the arguing is about, why you’re standing in the rain, and why you seem to be the only human in the conversation.

#7 Your vacuum cleaner will never be the same again

German Shepherds shed everywhere, all the time. You will find yourself investing in a vacuum specially designed for pet fur, and even then, you’ll find fur lurking in strange places – like the top of the fridge or in your shoes.

#8 They will make your home theirs

In addition to the fur they leave behind, there will also be nose prints on every single window, even on windows that you’re not sure how they managed to reach. You will never be able to look through a perfectly clear window again.

#9 They are more effective than a paper shredder

If you need a lot of shredding done, a German Shepherd may be the perfect dog for you. However, if you want your documents (or anything else) to remain pristine, we highly suggest locking them away in a drawer, especially if your German Shepherd is a puppy.

#10 They will become an inseparable part of you

After extended exposure to a German Shepherd, you will come to realize that you could never be without them. By then, it will already be too late to back out – they will have your heart.

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