15 Dogs Who Beat Cancer And Are Excited To Share The News

It’s sad and devastating when you find out your dog has cancer, but you shouldn’t lose hope. In fact, and estimated 6 million dogs are diagnosed with cancer each year. And while dogs all across the country battle cancer every day, some do end up winning the battle. Here are 15 dogs that have beat cancer and are trying to spread the news to those around them.

Lost the Battle, but Won the War

Source: ndtv

This dog lost one of the battles with cancer, losing a leg to the disease. Ultimately though, he won the war and is now cancer free. Like many dogs that have had to endure cancer, this dog had one of his legs amputated. This is usually done to get rid of the cancerous cells that have taken up residence in that particular limb.

Randy the Fighter

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Randy is a boxer that is ready to kick cancer’s butt. But first, he looks like he needs a hug. So, hugs first and then cancer.

Natural Cure

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This is Daisy, a dog who beat cancer naturally. For her chemo treatments, Daisy used an herbal form of chemo therapy. And while it was never guaranteed to work, it actually did the trick and now Daisy is cancer-free!

A Call From the Vet

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This dog’s owner received a call from the vet. Guess what? He is now cancer free. Any dog that can survive cancer is amazing in my book.

Cancer Support Dog

Source: Dog Shaming

Not only did this dog survive cancer, he now visits a cancer care center and acts as a support animal for people with cancer. He has the unique perspective of surviving cancer himself and so can better understand those still going through their fight with cancer.

24 Weeks Later

Source: Facebook/Doggytastic

This dog went through the chemo therapy process for 24 weeks. He survived and is now cancer-free. Congratulations!


Source: SheKnows

While this dog’s surgery to remove cancer and the chemo therapy was expensive, costing over $4,000, it was totally worth it to his owner. Now, the love and support the dog got from everyone was priceless.

Cancer Hero

Source: Imgur

Before getting cancer, this dog stopped a robbery in progress while her family was sleeping at night. Now, she has won another battle, against cancer, and has been cancer-free for six months.

Attacking Cancer

Source: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

Here is Abby, a pit bull who attacked cancer and one. Abby also is all about defeating stereotypes as the only thing she has attacked is cancer. She ended up winning this battle, so good for her!

Beat Cancer

Source: Imgur

The German shepherd of this man’s friend beat cancer today. This is the best of news and I hope he has many more years to come!

Doug’s Last Day of Chemo

Source: PawmyGosh

This is Doug and he is celebrating his very last day of chemo. It also looks like Doug has survived cancer with all of his limbs intact. And while it is not uncommon for a dog to survive cancer, often they end of losing at least one limb in the process.


Source: PawmyGosh

This dog has been cancer-free for eight months. This is an incredible accomplishment and worthy of a congratulations.

Graduation Day

Source: Alliance Animal Hospital

This dog just graduated from chemo therapy. In fact, this picture was taken of him on his last day at the Alliance Animal Hospital. He even got a little stuffed animal to celebrate his accomplishment.

The Last Pill

Source: PawmyGosh

Here is a dog who just took his last chemo pill. He seems to be in good spirits, so I assume the treatment worked. While effective, chemo can drain your energy.

Happy To Be Alive

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Source: Tumblr

Here’s a happy dog that has just gone through his last day of chemo therapy. Just look at his face and how happy he actually is. He looks like he is ready to party, and who could blame him?

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