7 ways to tell if your dog is a big “Mama’s Dog”

Many dogs love their owners and love to be with them. Some dogs, though, can’t seem to get enough of their owner and want to spend every waking moment with them. These dogs are known as mama’s dogs or in some cases daddy’s dogs. Like a stalking ex, a mama’s dog is totally obsessed with you. Here are some of the signs of a mama’s dog.

Your dog wants a seat at the table

Source: German Shepherd Dog Rescue

A mama’s dog must have a literal seat at the dinner table when you eat. Instead of sitting on the floor, a mama’s dog will climb up in a chair and either eat some of your food or at least eat their dog food on a plate. And if your dog is not sitting at the table, they will at least be right next to you when you eat, their nose right at your knee.

Your dog likes to sit on top of you

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Mama’s dogs want to be as close to you as possible. This can include sitting right on top of you, sometimes on your lap, sometimes in your face. And even when you are doing something else, a mama’s dog likes to insert themselves into your business to get your attention.

Your dog gives you no private time

Source: The Odyssey Online

Some mama’s dogs are so bad that even when you do your business you have an audience. And god forbid if you leave your dog outside of the bathroom when you go. Expect whines and cries and a few paws reaching underneath the door until you let your dog in.

Your dog prefers you over others

Source: Caesar’s Way

While a mama’s dog will play and spend time with others, as soon as you show up, your dog only has eyes for you. Your dog will drop anyone they are with like a hot potato. With a mama’s dog, as soon as you show back up, your dog is right back at your side as if you had never left.

Your dog waits for you by the door

Source: Shepped

You also know your dog’s a mama’s dog if as soon as you get home from being out, you can hear your dog scratching around behind the door as you try to get in. It’s like your dog hasn’t seen you in years. It doesn’t matter if you were only gone for a few minutes, days, or hours, the reaction is always the same.

Your dog sleeps with you in bed

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Even though your dog could sleep anywhere at any time, they choose to sleep by your side at night. And this doesn’t mean on the floor beside the bed. No, your dog wants to be in the bed up against your body. And if you feel something wet during the night, that is just their nose as they nuzzle up against you.

Your dog never leaves your side

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Source: AKC.org

A mama’s dog never leaves your side, wanting to be with you all of the time. Everywhere you go your dog follows, including the kitchen, getting the mail, and when you leave for work, you know who will be waiting for you to get home. Your dog is like your shadow or at least a dog-shaped one. But, you would have it no other way.

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