A New Law Would Ban 24/7 Outdoor Tethering Of Dogs

Imagine a life spent caged or chained-up outside in the elements with no escape. You’re scared, trapped, and isolated. Forced to eat, sleep, urinate, and defecate all in the same small area. That’s the life of many dogs who some people keep as “pets,” and they deserve so much better.

Source: PETA/YouTube

The nature of a dog is to play, explore, exercise, and be part of a pack. All of that is taken away when tethered to a tree or doghouse around the clock. But this cruel practice of 24/7 tethering could be banned, and a lot of lives would be spared.

Source: PETA/YouTube

You can help by contacting your local officials and ask to meet with them in person to discuss what some jurisdictions have already made the law. Help break the chain with an ordinance in your community!

We have to be the voices that dogs don’t have and speak up for them. Let’s give them the protection they deserve.

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