A Six-Month-Old Poor Pup Was Pulled Behind A Truck For More Than A Mile, Battling For His Life

Finding animals in their worst moments is that animal control officers are used for, but an officer from Texas animal control could hardly accept, when he got sight of a puppy’s serious wounds that the puppy was still alive.

An officer from Galveston County animal control directly went to the scene with no idea what to see, when he got a call about a dog who had been dragged behind a truck. He found an Australian Cattle Dog, about 6-month-old, once he arrived that had serious wounds to his chest, paws, and legs with deep, tissue, muscle, and bones revealed.

The dog’s owner expounded that earlier in the day, baby Arlo had been left tied to a truck by a child, and after the driver didn’t see Arlo tied up, he had been dragged for about a mile on a grime road. Said Houston K-911 Rescue in a YouCaring page to raise money for Arlo’s extensive treatments, the woman says her father later left in the truck, pulling the dog almost three-quarters of a mile down a grime road. “When its collar broke, the dog was released.”

Arlo is in dangerous pain and in serious situation, however is getting around the clock care at VERGI Animal Hospital where the staff is working to ease his pain and keep him stable.

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