Abandoned dog excitedly wags tail as she’s rescued from roadside

The number of homeless animals keeps on ballooning each year.

Animal homelessness is a serious problem.

These animals, usually cats or dogs, are either abandoned by their previous owners or are already stray since birth.

The rise in the number of homeless animals is also caused by the overpopulation of animals when pet owners fail or can’t afford to spay/neuter them.

Now that the world is currently facing a health crisis because of the coronavirus, a lot of people lost their jobs. It made them financially incapable of keeping their home pets. While some families were forced to move from their homes, leaving their pets behind.

Thankfully, there are still a lot of groups and organizations that promote animal welfare and protection.

The Dog Rescue Shelter.

It is a non-profit and non-government organization located in Mladenovac, Serbia. In fact, it is one of the country’s largest non-profit, no-kill animal shelters.

Their facility serves as a foster home to hundreds of stray animals.

“Our pets remain in our care until they find their permanent guardians, however long that may take. We every day fight to provide food and medical care for these rescued pets while actively pursuing qualified forever homes for all of them. All are spayed before adoption, ensuring that they will not add to the homeless pet crisis.”

And unlike other animal shelters that euthanize animals to free up some space, the Dog Rescue Shelter stands firm with their “no-kill” policy.

“We do not euthanize for space, EVER! We are not in cooperation with the state! We do not recieve any money from the City or State. We do not catch abandoned animals with nets and tongs, we take them in our arms.”

An accidental rescue mission.

The video shows an abandoned pup on a roadside where an accident might happen at any moment. It doesn’t only put the dog’s life in danger but also the motorists on that part of the road.

The dog instantly lights up with hope when he sees the man.

Though it’s not specified how long the dog has been there, we’re still certain it’s already been quite a while.

Though the dog is still trying to be cautious, you can clearly see how happy it is to finally get close to a human. It almost feels like she knows he’s there to save her.

Everything about the rescue is going smooth so far, not until…

The camera pans over the canal and sees another dog, lifeless.

As it turns out, the dogs are siblings and it looks like they’ve been dumped by their previous owner together. It is indeed so cruel to just leave them there.

It’s sad that the dogs were treated like trash – meaningless and worthless.

The poor dog was probably hit by a dashing car. The other dog must’ve been clueless all this time. That’s why she still decided to stick around – what a loyal creature!

Time to change the rescued dog’s life.

The guy is able to bribe the dog with some food which she’s not able to resist. She must’ve been starving for days.

He took the dog with him and named her Nina.

She’s just about 7 months old and the rest about her is simply beautiful.

Pretty soon, Nina was able to find her forever family and home.

In fact, she found a new best friend, and they tag along together just fine. She’s now being showered with love. Love that she hasn’t felt for quite a while, since she was abandoned on the roadside.

It is definitely hard for these homeless animals to survive on their own. Simply because they mainly rely on us, humans.

They need us for their water, food, shelter, companion, protection, and ultimately – they need our love.

So make sure to not just leave your animal companions behind. If you can’t keep them, then give them to someone who could. Just like us, they also deserve a family and a forever home.

To those interested in donating, you may visit the Dog Rescue Shelter’s official website.

See Nina’s heartwarming rescue in the video below.

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Source: YouTube/Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, SerbiaDog Rescue ShelterHeaven of Animals

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