Abused Dog Cries When She Finally Has A Kind Hand Touch Her

Priscilla the abandoned dog’s story is just like millions of other dogs living in abuse and neglect. By the time Priscilla escaped her nightmarish life and ended up in a shelter, she was a dog battered with hopelessness and an extreme fear of humans.

Source: Hernan Cargnello/YouTube

In this video, we see a kind woman trying to reach out to Priscilla. The woman was told that no visitor would ever dare to come near the abused dog, as she would start screaming and panicking whenever anyone would approach her. The woman was moved to tears by Priscilla’s desolate state, so she carefully started approaching the dog.

As expected, poor Priscilla let out the most heart-wrenching cries the moment the woman touched her. She jumped frantically and cowered in a corner, hoping that the woman would go away. But the woman stood her ground and kept patting Pricilla’s head. She was determined to show the dog that not every human is an abusive monster.

Source: Hernan Cargnello/YouTube

The woman’s efforts worked as Priscilla finally realized that she was safe! The dog warmed up to the woman and let her wipe away her tears. The woman later took her in as a foster. Priscilla will be lovingly trained as a pet before she is ready for a forever home. We hope no dog has to reach such a state, and that every broken dog finds a kind rescuer like this woman!

Click the video below to watch how the woman managed to win over Priscilla with her unwavering love! (Please lower your volume before watching as the sounds are extremely loud and shrill)

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