Adorable Kitten Sleeps On His Back Like A Human, He Won’t Have It Any Other Way

A months-old Munchkin kitten named Chata is quickly going viral on the internet due to his peculiar sleeping position. Instead of lying sprawled out on his stomach or crouching to his side, Chata prefers to sleep on his back like a human, and it is way too adorable! 

This orange and white kitten seems to have no problem with this unique sleeping position. In fact, he seems very cozy as he naps away on his back for long hours on the couch in this exact position!

5-month-old Chata lives with his mom Jasmine, and his older feline sister, Chava. Jasmine has no idea how Chata cultivated this strange habit, but she is happy that he has became a famous kitty because of it.

Munchkin cats often have forelegs that are shorter than their hind legs. This might be a reason why Chata prefers sleeping flat on his back with his limbs straightened out. His interesting slumber pose is hilarious and adorable at the same time. What a cute kittie!

Click the video below to watch Chata sleeping adorably on his back like a human!

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