After 8 years of service, officer honors loyal K9 partner with a beautiful radio call

Faust the German Shepherd was a decorated K9 unit by the time he finished his 8-year career in the BNSF Police Department in Texas.

This talented pooch worked in Explosives Detection and Patrol department where he worked on many cases over the years. Faust een won several awards for his service. One year, Faust and his partner Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer even won second place in obedience at the National Railway Police K9 Trials. At the same competition, the team reached 5th place in explosive detection.

Source: Bryan Schaffer via Facebook

Schaffer loved his K9 partner very much and they trusted each other with their lives.

The two worked on countless cases, including a case where a bomb threat was called into a Walmart. The team carefully checked the store and made sure that it was as safe for all the citizens present.

After eight beautiful years of partnership, it was time for Faust to retire. The good boy was ready to spend his retirement napping and relaxing.

Since Faust and Schaffer accomplished so much together, the officer wanted to give his partner a proper send-off.

On the day Faust was going to retire, he jumped into Schaffer’s cruiser as he usually does. The dog situated himself in the passenger seat and was ready to start his day, expecting it to be just like any other day on the job.

The radio in the police cruiser switched on, usually, it meant a message was coming through which would send Faust and Schaffer on a case. But this time was different. On this day, the message was about Faust and his achievements on the force.

“Faust has just completed his last shift as an explosive detection and police service K-9 after eight years and one day, and he is now officially retired. Faust, thank you for your service,” the radio dispatcher said.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

This moment was bittersweet for Schaffer. Faust, his partner and best friend was retiring. He posted about this on Facebook saying:

“Faust, thank you for all the good you have done for the BNSF and other agencies – but mostly I thank you for getting us both home safe after every shift.”

Although Faust was retiring, that didn’t mean that the partners were saying goodbye forever.

After retirement, Faust was adopted by Schaffer and is now living a happy life at home. In the following years, Faust and Schaffer shared many adventures. One of their many trips was to the Valdez Rocks of California, where the old partners when hiking. The two also enjoy going to the local park together. Faust is a big fan of the grassy fields.

Source: Bryan Schaffer via Facebook

Faust spent eight years saving lives as a K9.

He is now enjoying his well-earned retirement with his best friend and all the grass he could imagine. This brave dog is a true hero!

Source: Bryan Schaffer via Facebook

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