Attentive Dog Only Eats Half the Food in Her Bowl, Saving Some for Her Best Friend Who Recently Passed Away

A beautiful but heartbreaking habit.

They used to share half of the food in the bowl…

Dogs are social animals and are known for their unwavering loyalty to their family members. Be it a human or another dog, their loyalty is never questioned. Like us, dogs do grieve and miss their family members who have already passed on. Some even hope that their family members would come back one day, just like this Labrador named Cookie.

Cookie is one of the two Labradors owned by Easton Dufur, who is an actor and a filmmaker. Cookie’s best friend, Stitch used to share the same food bowl with her and would eat half of the food each. This was a habit that Cookie had ever since she was a puppy and would eat half of the food to ensure that Stitch could eat.

Sadly, Stitch had recently passed on. According to Dufur, Cookie started sleeping more and became more mellow in her behaviour after Stitch’s passing. While Cookie misses her best friend dearly, she still hopes for his return. Since Stitch was no longer there to share the food with Cookie, Dufur gave Cookie lesser food. That night, Dufur went to check on Cookie before he went to bed and came across a touching but sad sight. Cookie had half of her food left over, obviously waiting for Stitch to come back to eat the remaining portion.

Dufur then decided to share this sad but heartwarming story on his Twitter account, which quickly went viral. Even until today, Cookie still leaves half of her food out for Stitch, hoping that her best friend will return one day.

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