Black Lab Was Tied Behind Truck By Rope & Dragged On Asphalt At 60 MPH

This story contains graphic photos that may be disturbing to some viewers; discretion is advised.

The Kershaw County police department is investigating after witnesses say a dog was dragged by a rope behind a truck that was going 60 miles per hour.

The witness honked at the truck for the driver to pull over after they realized the object behind the truck was a dog. The driver stopped, cut the rope tying the dog to his car, and then drove off.

“There was a trail of blood behind the car and when they stopped Onyx had basically lost from her chest down, the underside of her skin was completely gone, the tops of all four of her feet were down to bone and tendon,” Amy Fabri, director at Low County Lab Rescue, told WACH Fox 57.

The witness called Animal Control who alerted Friends of Kershaw County Humane Society. They all responded immediately and brought the black Labrador, now named Onyx, to Camden Veterinary Hospital as an emergency.

She was then taken in by Lowcountry Lab Rescue, where she is currently continuing her treatment.

Onyx’s feet are extremely damaged and she is unable to walk, but she is sitting up and happily wagging her tail whenever people walk by. She currently has a urinary catheter so she doesn’t have to go outside to use the bathroom.

She is on pain medications and is being treated for all of her wounds. She has underwent multiple surgeries to close some of her larger wounds, and had small sutures placed on her front feet.

The vet feels her prognosis is good, but time will tell if she will need more surgeries, such as skin grafts on her left rear leg and foot.

The rescue hopes to move her to a foster, where she can get rest and some much-needed TLC.

The facility has already received countless calls from people wanting to adopt Onyx once she is fully recovered, so she will without a doubt have no problem finding a forever home when she is ready.

According to Sheriff Lee Boan, the suspect eventually came back to the scene and claimed that he left to get towels and water for the dog.

Police are still investigating the situation before determining whether or not charges will be filed.

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H/T to WACH Fox 57.

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