Boy gets a puppy on his birthday from dad who passed away

The boy in this video will likely never forget the moment he was given an adorable puppy as a gift from his recently deceased father. Their emotional first moments together were filmed and posted online to be shared with everyone.

The boy’s name is Logan Kavaluskis and the video was taken on his 13th birthday. The puppy he welcomed into his life that day was a small Boston Terrier. It was given to him by his cousin, Jon Kavaluskis, but it was actually a gift from his recently deceased father.

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Joe Kavaluskis plans a special moment for his son.

Logan’s father, Joe Kavaluskis, passed away after a 9-year battle with cancer. He wanted to do something truly special for his son after he was gone. Joe died just 5 days before Logan turned 13.

Logan had always wanted a dog but Joe was allergic so the family was unable to adopt one. Joe knew he didn’t have much time left, however, and after he was gone, he wanted his young son to have the puppy he desired. They made plans for the family to adopt one for Logan after Joe passed.

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Searching for the perfect puppy.

Joe and his wife Melanie spent some of Joe’s final moments on this planet planning to give Logan this beautiful surprise. Along with Logan’s cousin Jon, the family searched and found a tiny Boston Terrier puppy who they felt was just perfect.

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A mystery trip to Michigan.

Losing a parent at the age Logan was is incredibly difficult. It would have likely been quite difficult for Logan to feel like he could celebrate his birthday just a few days later. Amazingly, his very thoughtful family managed to make this birthday one Logan will always cherish.

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Logan’s family told him they were going for a trip to Hudsonville, Michigan. They would be collecting a puppy there but nobody told Logan who the puppy was for.

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The truth is revealed to Logan.

The video was taken as the family was driving back from picking up the puppy. They pulled into a gas station and told Logan they wanted to take a picture of him with the puppy. They hit the record button and then told Logan the truth about who the puppy is for.

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Logan’s face starts to quiver as he processes the news. It was an emotional moment. Jon told Logan that the puppy was a gift from his Dad who really wanted him to have one.

“Really?” is all Logan could muster to ask his cousin.

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The beginning of a beautiful relationship.

The little Boston Terrier puppy takes an immediate liking to Logan. He is licking his chin and feels right at home in the boy’s arms in the video. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Losing a parent at an early age is really hard, but every time Logan looks at his new puppy – his new canine friend that will grow up alongside him – he’ll think about the beautiful gesture his father did for him before he passed.

Source: T&T Creative Media/YouTube

You can view Logan’s first moments with his new puppy in the video below.

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