Boy Grieves Over Best Friend’s Grave After Dog Was Shot 8 Times With Pellet Gun

The Land family, of Pocahontas, Arkansas, is devastated after someone shot their dog with a pellet gun, killing him.

Randy Land was mowing his grass when he found his dog, Max, lying on the ground with blood coming from his head and nose.

Audra Nicole Land/Facebook

At first, Land thought it was his fault and assumed Max had been hit by a rock that flew out from the lawnmower.

They called the Pocahontas Police Department for assistance, and Officer Anthony Parten arrived to apply medical treatment.

Audra Nicole Land/Facebook

When they arrived at the Westridge Animal Clinic, the Land family learned that Max did not receive his injuries from the mower, rather, he had actually been shot about seven to eight times with a pellet gun.

Max sadly ended up passing away, due to a pellet that was lodged in his head.

“Please watch your pets in this area…actually please watch your pets no matter where you live,” Northeast Arkansas Humane Society wrote on Facebook. “There are some very cruel people in this world. A beautiful dog is gone & a family that includes small children is heartbroken. Run free over the Rainbow Bridge Max.”

Audra Nicole Land/Facebook

“Max was such a sweet loving dog,” Audra Land wrote on Facebook. “He was more than a dog he was a part of our family. The boys have Been so heartbroken. We hope to find the person or persons who killed our sweet Max.”

The police are currently investigating and ask anyone with any information on who could have shot Max to contact their department at 870-892-9867. The family is offering a $300 reward on information leading to an arrest or conviction of the killer.

H/T to WOWT 6 News.

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