Breeder realizes mistake too late after abandoning Pomeranian for being “too big”

The majority of breeders out there are good, genuine people.

Unfortunately, though, there will always be a small minority who ruin it for the rest.

While most breeders focus on breeding happy, healthy animals, for some breeders, none of that matters if the animal doesn’t have the right ‘look.’

This often results in inbreeding, not to mention neglect and surrender of animals who are believed to be unprofitable or of no use to the breeder.

This is what happened to a Pomeranian puppy from New York.

When he was deemed to be “too big to sell” by his ignorant breeder, he was carelessly left at a shelter in Tulsa. The poor dog was given away as easily as you would dump some trash but, thankfully, his story has a happy ending.

As soon as she came across his pictures online, an artist from New York instantly fell in love with the pup and adopted him.

Since then, he’s become a bit of an online celebrity – and we’re betting that in itself is enough to make his owners regret giving him up!

Bertram the “overly large” Pomeranian was a shelter favorite.

so when staff received a call of interest, they had a mixture of sad and happy emotions at the prospect of letting the pup go.ADVERTISEMENT

Bert had been listed on Petfinder under the name “Jasper,” and it didn’t take too long for him to catch the eye of a dog-lover in New York.

Artist Kathy Grayson was so committed to taking home the pup that she’d fallen in love with that she flew from New York to Tulsa and drove many miles to pick Bert up.

Reflecting on the moment she spotted Bert, Kathy told Bored Panda that there was something about his eyes that caught her attention.

“I flew to Tulsa and drove to the town to pick him up, it was a wonderful adventure,” she recalled. “The shelter was sad to see him go, he definitely had gotten some extra special love there.”

Kathy soon found that no matter where the pair went, people would instantly fall in love with Bert – and when she decided to make him an Instagram account, it grew to over 443k followers!

And it turns out Bert isn’t just a good-looking chap. He also has an incredibly kind nature.

“Bert is very calm and chill, inquisitive and silly”, Kathy says. “I gave him his own Instagram as he was taking over my art gallery page! I need to post paintings and people just wanted to see Bert.”

Bert is now such a celebrity that people have begun to visit Kathy’s gallery just to say hello to the little pup. But Kathy doesn’t mind!

“I love when people come to the art gallery to see Bertie or when they bring their dogs to meet Bertie!” She says. “Bert is a wonderful guy and makes people happy, the Internet and social media are built for cute animals, people need an antidote to all the nastiness”

Very true! To see more adorable pics of Bert, check out bertiebertthepom on Instagram!

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