Breeder Rejected A “Defective” Puppy, But His Permanent Smile Won Over A Woman

Radiation therapist and rescuer Kaley Carlyle had just saved a litter of puppies with a seizure disorder from a breeder. The same breeder came back to her with another puppy with many birth defects. Although Kaley was disgusted by the breeder’s irresponsible activities, her heart melted when she saw that the special needs puppy was always smiling!

Source: cheers.for.chupey/Instagram

The puppy was born furless and had a sickly constitution because of a weak liver. Due to his birth defect, his lips did not cover his teeth, which etched a permanent grin on his adorable face. In fact, this Pit Bull – Rottweiler mix puppy looked more like a happy-go-lucky wolf pup!

Kaley rescued the puppy and named him Chupey, as he resembled the mythical Chupacabra of Mexican folklore. Initially, Chupey was always tired and would sleep 23 hours a day. But Kaley put him on a special diet after consultations, which helped him grow up to be a healthy and happy pooch!

Source: cheers.for.chupey/Instagram

Today, Chupey is 2 years old, and is winning hearts all over with his charming smile. He is a goofy, cuddly dog who does a little dance whenever he is overjoyed. Due to his hairless skin, Kaley has made him a cute collection of warm clothing to get him through winters. His infectious grin might be a birth defect, but he is just as happy on the inside as he looks on the outside!

Click the video below to watch Chupey adorably asking his mom for some attention!

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