Broken-Puppy Knew Nothing But Suffering Since The Day He Was Born

A woman, with a heart of gold, came across a puppy that was too weak to move. She saw that he had a mom that was watching over him but the mother was in bad shape too. The puppy was rail thin and riddled with mange. He was weak and laying on the sidewalk.

Source: Animal Rescue Dogs

The kind woman watched as he struggled to get up and walk to his mom who had gathered scraps of food for him to eat. Refusing to leave him like that, the woman wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the vet. The vet was astounded. His condition was terrible. The vet confirmed he had mange as well as scabies. Poor baby!

Source: Animal Rescue Dogs

The staff worked on giving him an IV with pain meds and antibiotics. The mange had caused an infection and they needed to bring his fever down. He needed rest in a warm, dry kennel. Sleep was a priority now. As time went on, the puppy was improving but it was a slow process. His appetite also got better and he was able to be vaccinated.

Source: Animal Rescue Dogs

Once he was stable enough, he was started on treatment for mange and scabies. He spent so much energy scratching his little body. The treatment would make all the difference in the world! Knowing he would pull through, they gave the deserving pup a name, Indie.

Indie, though still suffering, showed his gratitude for being so well-cared for. He gave his new human friend who saved his life subtle tail wags and tiny kisses. She loved it. It was moments like this that made all her efforts worth it!

Source: Animal Rescue Dogs

What broke his rescuer’s heart most was that she found out that Indie and his mom actually had an owner. The owner let them live on the streets and come home when they wanted to. They received infrequent feedings and ZERO medical care.

Source: Animal Rescue Dogs

But now Indie’s suffering was a thing of the past. His transformation is slow but it is nothing short of a miracle. The rescuer went back and helped mom too! You have to see Indie now. He still has a long road ahead but he’s more energetic and his fur is coming in nicely. This ‘broken puppy’ is now whole thanks to a rescuer who had faith in him. You can’t miss the full story. Check it out in the video below!

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