Crucial Animal Cruelty Law Is Signed, Animal Abuse Will Now Be A Class 5 Felony

In a big win for the fight against animal cruelty, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed House Bill 2671 in Arizona, which makes animal abuse a Class 5 felony. This comes after a 4-year-long struggle by the Arizona Humane Society and other activists who were frustrated over many remorseless abusers walking free.

Source: ABC15 Arizona

Until now, even the most heinous cases of animal cruelty were classified as a “Class 6 felony” or “Class 1 misdemeanor”, which often let the abusers get off easily with light penalties. But now, this law strictly proclaims “cruel mistreatment or killing” of a domestic animal to be a Class 5 felony.

The Arizona State Law covers “torturing or inflicting unnecessary serious physical injury on an animal” under “cruel mistreatment”.

This will bring a lot of animal abusers under the radar and they will now face harsher penalties and stricter punishments, including prison time.

Source: ABC15 Arizona

The workers of Arizona Humane Society are celebrating the onset of this new law. They see over 7400 cases of disturbing animal abuse every year without redemption. They hope that this new law discourages potential abusers. This is the best news we’ve heard all day! Let’s raise our voices so that every state passes such laws.

Click the video below to watch the details of this promising law that guarantees to put a tighter rein on the abusers!

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