Determined dog fights ocean current to pull boy to safety after being swept out to sea

Some dogs can’t get enough of the water. They love to go to the beach and, run around and splash and play in the water.

One dog in Australia has taken his water activities a step further and, in the process, has become something of a hero.

It’s amazing, considering his rough start in life.

Source: Flickr – Luke Anderson

A Staffordshire terrier/bulldog mix named Max. The dog was able to step up when it was really needed.

Starting life as a neglected puppy, Max had spent most of his early years outdoors. Despite this, his original owner never took him for walks, something his new owners remedied quickly after adopting him.

Adopted by the Osbornes

Source: Facebook – Jamie Osborn

“When we got him, he was a bit antisocial,” Jamie Osborn told The Dodo. “If we were patting him too much, he’d get up and walk away. These days, Max is a completely different dog. He’s always happy! He’s really loving and gives us lots of love and affection.”

Max has a love of water

Source: Facebook – Jamie Osborn

With the love shown to him by his new family, Max was able to break through his wariness with others.

Living in Port Noarlunga, Australia, Max loves sleeping with his 11-year-old brother, Nev, and splashing around in the water.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – 7NEWS Australia

“We have kayaks and he likes to swim along with us as we paddle, so we got him a life jacket so he wouldn’t get too worn out,” Jamie said. “Rob likes to surf and snorkel, so Max can often be seen at the beach hanging with the surfers waiting for a wave.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot – 7NEWS Australia

During one trip to the beach, Max was able to save a life.

While he, his dad, and brother were enjoying their day at the beach, Osborn noticed someone struggling in the water.

A boy had was caught in the current off shore and began to panic.

Source: Facebook – Jamie Osborn

After spotting the boy, Osborne called for Max to go help.

“Max was just swimming around, wearing his life jacket, having a great time when the young boy got into trouble,” Jamie said. “Rob had the boy call Max over. Max was just doing what he loves best — swimming.”

Source: Facebook – Jamie Osborn

Max swam out to the young boy and allowed him to grab hold of him. Then he fought against the current and swam them safely back to the beach.

Just enjoying the water

Source: Facebook – Jamie Osborn

Max was declared a hero for his actions. But you wouldn’t know that by looking at him. All he was doing was what he liked to do the most, playing in the water.

Learn more about Max’s impromptu rescue mission below!

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Source: 7NEWS Australia

H/T: The DodoMirror

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