Dog Arrested For “Attempted Unicorn Theft” Finds His Forever Home

Throughout our lives, we are often encouraged to “chase our dreams.” Well, one-year-old Sisu, a lab-mix from eastern North Carolina, did exactly this. Only, instead of having predictable puppy dreams of dog bones and tennis balls, this determined dog dreamed of taking home a very specific stuffed purple unicorn from Dollar General. 

On Sunday, March 21st, Animal Control received a call about a stray dog that kept entering a Dollar General as customers exited. Once inside the store, single-minded Sisu headed straight for a stuffed purple unicorn.

He didn’t even hesitate to browse the pet section or stop to sniff any other stuffed animal. All five times he entered, he beelined straight to the same exact purple unicorn. 

Sisu with his unicorn
Image Credit: Duplin County Animal Services/Facebook

“He’d walk in, go to that unicorn and try to get it. He did it four or five times before they locked the door and called us to come get him. Maybe he had a stuffed animal like that in his original home. I don’t know, but he wanted that purple unicorn bad,” said Joe Newburn of Duplin County Animal Services.

When Animal Control Officer Samantha Lane showed up at the store, she saw Sisu standing near the entrance, where he was likely waiting for another customer to leave so he could sneak inside. She went in, purchased the $10 unicorn, and put it on the front seat of her vehicle. Once he saw his prized unicorn, the contented pup hopped into her truck without hesitation, and the trio headed off to Duplin County Animal Services. 

“This is something she’s always done,” Newburn said of Officer Lane. “This isn’t something new to her, it’s just a different dog, but yes, she’s always doing this stuff for the animals.”

Sisu with Officer Lane
Image Credit: Duplin County Animal Services/Facebook

It was at the shelter that he was given the name “Sisu” after the dragon character from the new Disney film, Raya and the Last Dragon. They also discovered that he loves affection, knows a few commands, and is obedient with people. During his time at the shelter, Sisu took his beloved unicorn everywhere he went, even cuddling up with it as he slept.

Sisu laying with unicorn
Image Credit: Duplin County Animal Shelter/Facebook

The story of Sisu and his purple unicorn spread quickly after the shelter posted the inspirational story and heartwarming photos on their Facebook page. Not long after he arrived, there was a long list of potential adopters interested in meeting him and his unicorn. No owner came forward to claim this handsome boy, so he and his purple unicorn were officially adopted into a new loving forever home where they can be best friends forever!

Sisu cuddling unicorn
Image Credit: Duplin County Animal Services/Facebook

People all over the country were touched by Officer Lane’s kind gesture and Sisu’s persistence. Even Dollar General has expressed their gratitude to Animal Control Officer Lane. They plan to make a pet food donation to the shelter and will be sending a “few extra purple unicorns” to Sisu and his forever family.

Sisu may not have successfully “stolen” his stuffed purple unicorn, but he has succeeded in stealing the hearts of people all across the country. This story shows just how much impact even the smallest acts of kindness can have on the world and reminds us to always chase our dreams. We may have more to gain than we realize!


Featured Image: Duplin County Animal Services/Facebook

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