Dog finds hilarious workaround to “no getting on the couch” rule

Couches are designed to be comfortable to sit and lay on. That’s pretty much their whole purpose. It’s no big mystery why dogs want to lay down on them. For many people, however, situations require that their canine pals not be allowed on some furniture. This creates an interesting conflict between humans and dogs.

They say that rules are made to be broken. Sometimes, however, it’s better to find a way around the rules than to break them altogether.

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Lexi didn’t break the rule, she just bent it

The loveable and rebellious dog in this story is named Lexi and she was not allowed to be on the couch.

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Lexi tests the rules

Unfortunately, there is an issue in Lexi’s home with allergies and that is the reason why she is not allowed on the couch.

The soft cushions, the throw pills, and the blankets all make the couch the perfect place for Lexi to take a nap but for reasons she can’t fully understand, it is off-limits for her. That must be frustrating and confusing.

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She just wanted to relax on the couch as her human friends do

Lexi was never given a complete and thorough breakdown of the rule. All she knows is that any time she’s jumped on the couch, humans get upset. Perhaps there is a way to still be on the couch but not get the humans upset, she must have thought.

In this video, Lexi has placed her entire upper body on the couch but has kept her back legs on the ground. Maybe the rule is that so long as her feet are on the ground, it doesn’t count as being fully on the couch.

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When is a dog on the floor and when are they on the couch?

We can think of a few reasons as to why Lexi felt this was still adhering to the rule. Perhaps she saw a human get scolded for having their shoes on the couch and figured it must just be hind legs that are the issue.

Lexi actually looks quite comfortable resting her torso and head on the couch while her hind legs still stayed on the ground. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be allowed to stay in that position.

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Mom came in and gently let Lexi know she was still breaking the “no couch” rule.

“Lexi, what are you doing?” mom asks. “Are you supposed to be on there?”

Lexi doesn’t bat an eye at this, however, and just keeps resting on the couch.

“Lexi… Lexi,” mom continues.

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Lexi just puts her head down and closes her eyes

When Lexi opens her eyes again, her human is still there and still wants her to get off the couch.

“Lexi, Lexi… get up,” mom says. “You’re not supposed to be up here.”

Lexi might be growing tired of the position by this point, anyway. She begins to wag her tail a little as if she might be gaining some energy.

Mom still wants her off the couch but she’s not budging.

“Get off the couch,” she continued.

Mom’s voice starts to get a bit sterner at this point.

“Lexi, get off the couch,” she says.

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At this point, Lexi realizes it is time to get off the couch. She doesn’t resist any further and gets off the couch and has a big stretch!

Video of Lexi’s rebellious, rule-defying couch session has gone viral. It has been viewed in excess of 232,000 times.

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

“She actually reasoned to herself that as long as she’s got one foot on the floor she isn’t technically on the sofa. Lexi is clearly a canine lawyer,” wrote one YouTube commenter. 

“Technically, Lexi was NOT on the couch, lol! A blanket between her and back paws on the floor! She is too smart and way too cute! Loved how she wagged her little stump when mom chuckled,” said another.

You can witness Lexi’s couch adventure in the video below:

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Source: Rumble Viral

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