Dog Is Beaten, Spray-Painted And Burnt For Fun- Police On Lookout For Information

A young Pit Bull mix named Avery was found abandoned in an extremely battered state in an alley-way in Los Angeles. She was spray-painted all over and was barely holding on to life, with severe wounds from a hateful assault.


Avery’s heartbreaking plight was shared by another dog, who was dead long before the rescue team of Animal Hope and Wellness (AHW) arrived. The rescuers rushed Avery to the hospital, where she started having frightening seizures from a concussion.

The harrowing state of Avery’s body brought everyone to tears. Her fur-less, skeletal-thin body was covered in mange, she had a hole in her paw, chemical burns and the severe beating had damaged her organs. Her neck had deep cuts, as someone had tried to hang her by a sharp cord.


Somehow, the doctors managed to reduce her brain swelling and begin her treatment. AHW founder Marc Ching believes that a gang assault had brought this unimaginable suffering upon Avery. The police are investigating this case of animal cruelty.

Facebook/The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

Currently under treatment, Avery’s spirit has been completely crushed after this ordeal. With baby steps, she’s learning to trust humans again. AHW will start looking for a home for her once her health stabilizes. We’re angry at whoever did this to these poor souls. We hope Avery gets back on her feet soon and her abusers are caught and brought to justice.

Click the video below to watch Avery’s heart-breaking plight.

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