Dog missing for 3 months discovered by surfers stranded in sea cave

Going outdoors for some adventure is a lot more exciting than it sounds. Whether you’re going mountain climbing, camping, or swimming, everything that you do out there may result in something that you’ve never imagined.

This is the case for two friends who decided to take an overnight surfing trip in Canada.

An unexpected encounter.

On August 1st, Zach Regan and Matty Johnson while they were adventuring around spotted what looked to be a dog in need in a sea cliff cave. Little did they know at the time this dog had been stranded there alone for 3 months.

An unlikely creature near the water.

Their car packed with their camping and fishing gear, they then grabbed their surfboards and headed to Vancouver Island to spend the night. While they were out on their aluminum boat the two looked over and thought they spotted the brown legs of an animal in a cave along the Juan de Fuca Trail they were passing by. Zach recalls to CTV,

“Glancing in the caves as we were going by I saw tan legs kinda walk out…”

Those tan legs happened to belong to a malnourished, shivering, scared pup. Zach continues to tell CTV about the moment they spotted the dog,

“We immediately decided that it was in major distress.”

At the time the two friends were trying to beat an upcoming storm but without hesitation, they decided to save the dog.

Time’s ticking and they knew they need to act fast to save the poor dog.

Looking around they noticed no owners were insight. So Matty immediately jumped into the ocean and paddled out to the dog in distress on his surfboard. He recalls the moment to CTV saying,

“All I had was a lease and some neoprene armor on and I was like ahhh I don’t know how this is going to go.”

After Matty gained the dog’s trust he then had to coax the dog on to his surfboard and paddle out to Zach on the boat. Zach continues recalls his side of the story with CTV stating,

“I came in with the boat and I grabbed her before she sunk to the bottom because she was so weak.”

Keeping the dog away from the danger zone.

Once they secured the dog safely on the boat Zach and Matty comforted her with snuggles to keep her warm. As well as, bundling her in a life jacket and placing her in a surf bag to keep her safe and warm as they made their adventure back home. Once they made it safe and sound on dry land they soon discovered that this dog had been stranded alone for 3 months.

When CTV aired a clip of this miraculous save by Zach and Matty a friend of the owners watching recognized the dog. They then immediately called the owner who then ended up getting in contact with Zach. Zach tells this moment to CTV,

“It blew my mind. I couldn’t really comprehend that for a bit.”

The story behind the missing dog.

Turns out at the beginning of May the owners decided to go for a nice hike along the Juan de Fuca trail with their dogs for their honeymoon when Stella took off. After endlessly searching and months going by the owners assumed the worst.

If not for Zach and Matty that may have been the case. But luckily for everyone, the owners got to reunite with their beloved dog Stella once more.

We hope that this serves as a warning rather than just a reminder to all dog owners out there. Keep your dogs on a leash especially if you are going to a place that’s not familiar to them. In this case, we’re just all glad and happy that Stella met her guardian angels in the person of two kindhearted surfers.

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