Dog Rescued From Fighting Ring, Cannot Give Kisses Since His Tongue Was Cut Off!

Story of Bubbles

This is the story of bubbles who has seen suffering all his life. Things couldn’t have gotten wrong for Bubbles who opened eyes for the first time and found himself in a dog fighting pit. It is a cruel fight where dogs are forced to fight each other until death or disqualification. However, he saw somehow rescued from that place and taken to Animal Charity of Ohio.

It is hard to earn the trust of such dogs who have seen mistreatment all their lives but Bubbles knew he was in good hands so he put his trust in them easily. It was because he is forever in their debt for rescuing him from the fighting pits. However, the rescuers noticed that something wasn’t quite right because the dog seemed to be really quiet.

It was partly because Bubbles didn’t give them any puppy kisses and hugs, sure he would touch their face but no kisses or hugs. So, they tried to uncover the reason behind this and when they opened his mouth, they were in a state of shock. This was because Bubbles had no tongue and to make an already hard situation worse, he also had parasites and heartworms.

Sure, he needs surgeries and treatments and his owner is nowhere to be found but the good thing is that he is in good hands now and things will get better. 

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