Dog Thrown Off Balcony Cause Family Thought She Was Ugly

Celia is a very precious little dog who has been through a lot. She has been through quite the ordeal after she got thrown off a two-story high balcony by a budding psychopath (the family’s kid). Her fall resulted in her breaking her leg.

Adding insult to injury, her “family” said that they never wanted her in the first place because she was “ugly.” They had a small amount of decency to call PETA in order to come to collect her and take her away from them. Good! That family of heartless sociopaths didn’t deserve her anyways!

Source: YouTube / [fbshare]

Poor little Celia sustained very serious injuries to her leg and unfortunately, it had to be amputated. Celia proved that she was a tough little cookie and pulled through, recovering from the procedure. Her rehabilitation has been a wonderful success. Little Celia befriended everyone in the vet’s office and soon became a very popular little girl.

Source: YouTube / [fbshare]

Celia might have ended up losing her leg, but she never lost her spark of happiness. Her story thankfully has a very happy ending, as she ended up going on to live her best life after getting adopted into a true forever home with a family that actually loves her and cares for her.

Happy to hear that little Celia got her very much deserved happily ever after.

You can watch her survival story down below:

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