Dog Was Dumped To Die On Freeway, Now Everyone Is Praying For Him To Survive

A Good Samaritan found a dog named Harris abandoned on the side of I-270. Harris was severely emaciated and wrapped in a blanket. He had several wounds that hinted towards abuse, and they were all infected from being covered in urine and feces.  

Harris was taken in by Stray Rescue of St. Louis, where he was given immediate medical attention. But the rescuers’ hearts sank when Harris refused to touch any food and stared listlessly at everyone. He was given antibiotics and pain meds and was force-fed gently with a tube.

Meanwhile, Harris’ story of extreme abuse shook people to the core. Many came forward to donate funds, blankets and pillows, while some even wrote him heartfelt ‘Get Well Soon’ cards. The outpouring of love for Harris worked. He slowly gained strength and was finally able to eat on his own.

People are still enraged at how Harris was brutally abused and left to rot without any mercy. Although he is still under recovery for the next few months, he will be up for adoption later. We hope he never has to face another day of abuse ever again. Stay strong, dear Harris!

Click the video below to watch Harris’ heart-touching story.

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