Dogs somehow know it’s their brother’s final day — and give their last goodbyes

Even though you might not want to think about it, eventually you lose your pets. Hopefully, it’s after they’ve lived a long and happy life full of love. Judging by the amount of emotion that our pets show for us, it is no wonder that they feel the same way about other pets in the family.

The story below shares a beautiful story of two family pets saying goodbye to their sibling as the end drew near.

Two dogs try to comfort their dying brother

Source: Reddit/Rawtashk

The story goes along with a picture posted by Rawtashk on Reddit. In the picture, three Belgian Malinois are huddled together in a group. Two of the Malinois are giving another, sicklier-looking Malinois doggie kisses on his snout. The dog, an 11-year-old named Sef was about to be put to sleep, and it seemed his siblings knew exactly what was about to happen.

As the end neared, the other dogs drew closer to the dying dog

Source: Reddit/Rawtashk

The veterinarian who was performing the procedure had agreed to do it within the owner’s home. While they waited for the vet to arrive, Rawtashk, Sef’s owner, was able to get a picture of the three dogs together. According to Rawtashk, the other two dogs, named Rhonin and Jaina, had been nuzzling with Sef all morning.

The two dogs are still feeling the effects of their brother’s death

Source: Reddit/Rawtashk

Even now, after Sef’s death, the two Malinois still mourn the loss of their brother. It is almost as if they expect him to show up at any moment, as he often catches them sniffing around Sef’s old haunts to see if he has been around lately.

How to recognize when your dog is in their final moments

Source: Lovetoknow

How exactly do you recognize when your dog’s death is drawing near? In many cases, your dog will stop eating and drinking as their time approaches, tending to lie in the same spot. In many cases, they refuse to move to even go and use the bathroom. Dogs who are nearing death also tend to suffer from a loss of coordination and their breathing becomes labored.

Short of having them euthanized before they get to this point, there is not a whole lot you can do to stop the natural process of dying. All you can do is try to comfort them in their last moments and say your goodbyes, keeping in mind that they will no longer be in pain when it is over.

Do other dogs know when a dog is dying?

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Rhettbit/CC BY-SA 4.0

But do your other dogs know when a family pet is near the end? Chances are that they pick up on the cues that it is happening. Animals can be very perceptive, especially when it comes to humans and animals that they have known for a while.

And while the intensity of their reaction will probably differ according to the strength of the bond, they do know that something is going on.

How can you help your dog deal with grief?

Source: Michelson Found Animals

When another family pet dies, most often your other dogs will go through a period of grief. If you notice your other pets grieving, the best thing you can do is give them the love and support that they need during this time. If you notice negative behavior resulting from their grief, such as howling, don’t reward such behavior, but do make sure to give them as much love as possible during this time.

You should also keep an eye on a grieving pet and take them to a vet if they start to exhibit signs of stress from the grief they feel, including loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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