Dumb burglar ignores “Beware of Dog” signs trying to rob home of deputy with three K9s

It takes a special kind of (alleged) burglar to break into a house with “Beware of Dog” signs everywhere and a police cruiser parked in the driveway.

But here we are.

Source: Screenshot – WSAZ News

Oh, and there’s not just one dog, there are 3.

Bad choices

Mason County Deputy Jeremy Ferrell was in his home on October 22, 2020, when he heard a noise. He went down to his basement to check it out. That’s where he found the intruder.

“I came downstairs, looked to the left (and) saw some person I never seen before in my life, in my basement,” he said.

Source: Screenshot – WSAZ News

The stranger, James Will III, is now facing charges, and it’s not the first time law enforcement has dealt with him (Ferrell, however, had never seen him before).

Source: Screenshot – WSAZ News

At some point, Will decided to enter the property through the back gate and get into the basement even though the family was home.

When Ferrell encountered him, a scuffle ensued between the two men.

Source: Screenshot – WSAZ News

The first “officer” on the scene who came to his aid was Deputy Ferrells K9 unit. And he brought backup – Ferrells other two dogs, one of which is a retired K9 unit. According to the local news, they all bit the suspect.

Source: Screenshot – WSAZ News

After all, it’s what they’re trained to do.

There was no word on Will needing treatment at the scene or after, so we don’t know how severe the bites were or if the dogs merely attacked him enough for their owner to subdue him.

Take it as a sign

There’s no word on just how embarrassed Will feels about the incident, especially since it couldn’t have been more obvious that the home belonged to a law enforcement officer and potentially dangerous dogs were present.

Source: Screenshot – WSAZ News

The Point Pleasant man would have had to walk past several signs warning of dogs on the premises and a “No Trespassing” sign to enter the property. The latter might not have deterred them (although in some states it gives homeowners the right to defend their property with deadly force), but the former should have given him pause.

Source: Screenshot – WSAZ News

“(There is) a ‘no trespassing’ sign directly on the gate that he had to open (to get on the property) and there’s also a ‘dog on premise’ sign on the same gate right beside of the ‘no trespassing’ sign,” Ferrell said.

His police cruiser, clearly marked as a K9 unit, sat right next to the house.

Source: Screenshot – WSAZ News

“My cruiser is out beside the house, I have dog signs everywhere, I have two German shepherd statues in front of the house, so it’s obvious there’s big dogs that live here.”

Source: Screenshot – WSAZ News

Ferrell is baffled as to Will’s choice of target – and so are we, even if alleged criminals aren’t always known for making the best decisions.

It’s also made him realize that just because he’s in a position of power doesn’t mean that he can’t find himself on the wrong side of a situation.

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years and for somebody to actually be in my residence that’s my property, that’s a different ball game,” Deputy Ferrell told WSAZ. “I’m out here to help other people and for me to actually become a victim, that’s highly unlikely but obviously it does happen.”

Will is now facing a burglary charge.

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