Dumped By A Hunter In The Fields, She Was Found Shaking With Brain Damage

Pippa was sadly dumped by a hunter in the fields, and was found twisted, shaking and unable to stand.

They suspected that it was degenerative brain damage, which was confirmed in scans. She was scared and confused, but was finally in loving hands.

Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

She received countless tests and surgeries, yet was still so very trusting of the vet staff and rescuers. She was so friendly and sweet and allowed them to do whatever they needed to.

A woman named Salome fell in love with Pippa, and wanted to adopt so she could enjoy a warm bed and experience living in a real home in her final days.

Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

Pippa loved Salome and settled nicely into her home. She even had a carriage that she would lay in so that she was able to go for walks around the neighborhood to get some fresh air.

Sadly, Pippa ended up getting pneumonia and passed away a week later. It was just too much for her weak, damaged body to handle.

Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

While it is devastating that Pippa’s journey came to an end, she had Salome by her side and was able to enjoy her final days being loved and cared for, rather than in a field where she was dumped.

Watch Pippa’s journey in the video below:

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