Entitled mom throws fit caught on camera when she’s told her daughter can’t pet a service dog

It seems like a lot of people these days choose to play the role of moral police.

They are ready to whip out their phone to record something, speak to the manager or post lengthy stories on social media in an attempt to have their own moral compass affirmed by others.

In these instances, only some of the situation is presented to the audience and is oftentimes skewed to push the agenda of the individual who is posting. Megan Stoff, the owner of a service dog made the decision to make one of these posts about a pushy mother who wanted to pet her service dog.

A woman and her daughter were walking through a mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when they noticed Megan’s service dog.

The woman asked if she could pet the dog and was upset when she was answered “No.” The service dogs were working and had to focus on their job. Petting them would have distracted them from their role in the handler’s life.

Side note:

You should never pet a service dog when they are working. Service dogs are used for anything from guiding blind people to predicting seizures. These dogs must remain completely focused on their job and shouldn’t be distracted in any way. I know they’re good boys/girls and you want to give them all the encouragement you can, but just push all the positive vibes you can in their direction and do your best to appear disinterested.

This mom says she wasn’t upset by the fact that she couldn’t pet the dog but was upset by the way that message was delivered.

Source: Video Screenshot

Source: Video Screenshot

In the Facebook Post, Megan wrote:

“Had this crazy experience yesterday at the mall where some lady asked if she could pet the dogs. People ask us all the time so I just said, “no.” All the dogs are working so it’s my go to answer. And they walked away. No big deal right?” 

“This lady went out of her way to come back with her child and yell at us for saying “no” and for not saying, “nO iM sOrRy ThEy’Re TrAiNiNg.” And we should “have a sign or something.” You mean the 20 patches on my dog that say don’t pet? Entitlement these days is real. They even got mall security because we said they couldn’t pet the working dogs. Security said that the lady was crying. So much harassment for just saying no. This video is public and is shareable. There was no common sense here.”

Ok, so…we have a disgruntled woman who was upset by the terse statement of the dog handler. And the dog handler who is astounded someone could be so upset that they make a big deal out of this.

Source: Video Screenshot

It seems to me that this could be solved with a simple adult-style talk. They could have explained to each other why they were so upset…

That is not what happened.

Megan (the dog handler) decided to film this interaction without the consent of the other party. She then posted it on Facebook without blurring their faces or anything.

Source: Video Screenshot

The mother was so upset she started crying and insisted that filming was illegal and that she was going to call her lawyer.

If you ask me, both parties were at fault here.

Source: Video Screenshot

This is a kind of “It takes two to tango” situation. Neither woman should have allowed the other to bother them so much. They should have behaved like adults and talked it out with each other instead of throwing mini-tantrums like children.

You can watch the video Megan filmed below.

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