Family Heartbroken As They Can’t Afford Costly Treatment For Newly Adopted Puppy

Brody the shelter puppy was very happy to move to his forever home a week ago. But now, his family is back at the doors of the shelter with tears in their eyes and a sick Brody in their arms. They say Brody hasn’t eaten properly for days and is having difficulty breathing.

Source: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs/Facebook

The family explained to the shelter that their beloved Brody has been diagnosed with Grade 5 heart murmur. The family has 2 little kids to look after, and cannot afford Brody’s expensive treatment with a cardiac specialist. They also fear that surrendering Brody means he would likely be euthanized.

The family loves Brody too much to lose him. The shelter is moved at Brody and his family’s plight. They have reached out to many shelters to help this poor pup whose time is running out. Let’s share Brody’s pitiable situation and find help for him before it gets too late.

Source: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs/Facebook

Update: We are happy to learn that “Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs” have stepped in like angels to help Brody out. They have agreed to cover the entire cost for Brody’s treatment, and are raising funds through their social media community. Brody is still critical in the hospital and we hope he recovers soon. We are really happy that he has a loving family that refuses to give up on him!

Let’s spread the word and help Brody’s get treated and live happily again.

Click the video below to watch the sickly Brody as he struggles to breathe with Grade 5 heart murmur.

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