Family’s Distraught After Finding Their Dog With Throat Slit In Their Own Yard

A Pocola, Oklahoma family is devastated after their 11-year-old dog was allegedly shot, attacked and killed in their own backyard.

Tiffany Marowski let her Schnauzer, BamBam, outside to go to the bathroom, but when he wasn’t back at the door within ten minutes, she went outside to check on him.

That’s when Marowski found BamBam lying on the ground, blood and unable to move.

She rushed him to the vet, but sadly, it was too late and BamBam passed away.

Vets examined BamBam closely and discovered a cut across his neck which looks like it was done with a dull knife, and not constant with any sort of animal attack.

X-rays then revealed two pellets that had also been shot into BamBam.

“Anyone who could do that to such a small innocent little dog, I don’t even know how deep their darkness is, and that is not comfortable for living in a community,” Marowski told News 5.

Pocola police are currently investigating, but a neighbor believes BamBam had been attacked by a Pit Bull, despite what the vets found.

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