Family’s dog is nearly poisoned by hot dog buns filled with rat poison and peanut butter

Dogs are not only pets, they’re part of the family.

The way we bond with them is for life. The relationship is mutually beneficial as we offer them all of our hearts and they give us the same, unconditionally, in return. As such, dogs and their owners protect one another with their lives. It’s this fierce and genuine commitment that gives us not just a pet, but a best friend for life.

So it’s safe to say when something threatens our dogs we get shaken to the core.

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Such is the case for a Suffield, Connecticut family after their dog was nearly killed this week.

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In a moment of shock and horror, the family discovered two hot dog buns thrown into their yard, covered in peanut butter and stuffed with rat poison pellets.

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The Pasquariello are beside themselves as local police investigate this horrific crime. The event took place this past Monday morning when they took their Great Pyrenees, Evelyn, outside.

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The family reported to the local news station:

“We were just so scared. We didn’t know who would do this to our dog, like who hates our dog that much that they’d want to kill it,” said Jake Pasquariello.

The family stood beside themselves when the dog came running up from the backyard with one of the buns in her mouth. Initially, the family thought their beloved pooch had ransacked the garbage, but when she dropped the bun they realized the case was much more horrific.

“We really think that she was trying to tell us that there’s something up with this, ‘I don’t think I should eat it’, because she brought it around to the side of the house and dropped it in front of my sister rather than just eating it.”

Fortunately, after a trip to the vet and some bloodwork, the family was relieved to find that their dog was safe. But it still left them burning inside with unanswered questions.

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Sadly, the family says this isn’t an isolated incident of aggression toward Evelyn.

The family disclosed that back in May they received anonymous letters in their mailbox, slandering their dog.

“Saying that dog is aggressive and that the people weren’t going to stop walking past our house because of the dog but their kids are afraid and that they were going to get animal control involved if they had to,” said Pasquariello.

But the family remains puzzled as to why someone would think this. And for now, they are holding their dog just a little bit tighter.

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“She’s just a really great dog, never shown any aggression, never tried to escape the fence at all. she barks a little bit, that’s it,” said Pasquariello. “It takes a really twisted person to do something like this and you just hope that they get as much help as they need.”

Local police are currently investigating the area and watching footage. The Suffield Police Chief admits that this is a very unique case, and unlike anything he’s ever seen.

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Chief Richard Brown declares this:

“If you had an issue with the dog the appropriate course of action would have been to contact our animal control officer to have it investigated and resolved. This wasn’t something that you should take into your own hands let alone take into your hands in such a manner.”

Anyone who has any further information on the matter is encouraged to contact the Suffield police. Check out the story in the video below.

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