Former NFL star Jay Cutler offers reward for anyone who can find his missing German Shepherd

It has now been 5 weeks, and we can only assume from the lack of updates and the inquiries that have gone ignored that retired quarterback Jay Cutler’s German Shepherd is still missing.

According to People, the dog, named Bane, went missing about a week after Cutler spent Halloween with his sons Camden, 8, and Jaxon, 6, and daughter Saylor, 4.

Source: Instagram – @ifjayhadinstagram

Finding a friend

The 37-year-old posted photos of the pup on his Instagram page, asking his followers for help. Bane disappeared near Franklin, Tennessee.

Source: Instagram – @ifjayhadinstagram

He even offered up a cash reward for anyone who finds Bane.

“Ok Instagram it’s time to do some good today. Bane is missing,” he wrote, before adding details about him: “80lb German shepherd. Last seen on Old Hillsboro in Franklin, TN. $1000 dollar reward for his return. Let’s find him.”

Sadly, that was the last we heard anything directly from Cutler about his missing pal.

Source: Instagram – @ifjayhadinstagram

Demanding answers

At this point, Cutler will never be able to make another Instagram post without being hassled about his dog.

The next time he posted a photo – while he was out on a trip to North Carolina, early all of the comments were from people begging to know if Bane had been found.

Some fans tried to empathize:

“Im hoping he’s just busy with doing these hunting adventures, otherwise if he hasn’t found him it’s probably painful to talk about. I can’t imagine him wanting anymore attention than he already gets. In other words, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt,” said one.

Source: Instagram – @ifjayhadinstagram

Others felt entitled to an update:“If my dog was missing, I wouldn’t be doing any adventures until my dog was home safe. Regardless, you don’t ask for the worlds help and leave them hanging. You’re in a kinder mood than me today.”

Animal lover?

It may not be the first time Bane got loose.

A post from 2018 indicates the dog may have made a run for it before.

Cutler has also come under fire for having rather gruesome hunting photos on his timeline.

But one of his most controversial posts was one in which a cat was clearly having some kind of episode. It’s unclear if she’s just a cat living on his ranch or if he is responsible for caring for it, but he seemed unmoved by her plight (which may have just been a hairball):

“Probably normal behavior for kitty cat. No idea. I don’t mess with them. Don’t trust them. Either way. She ran off like she is fine,” he said.

After the backlash, he was forced to address the issue, posting a photo of the cat looking perfectly fine and saying:

“She’s fine. My last cat post for the rest of my life. People are serious about cats. I’m not. Clearly.”

Regardless of how he feels about cats, no one deserves to lose an animal.

More recently, his “Elf on a Shelf” posts have been earning him “good dad” points.

Alas, there’s just no news on Bane.

We hope that wherever Bane is, he’s safe!

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