German shepherd and rat are the best of friends and are always napping together

If you have a dog, then you know how they can perk up when they detect another animal nearby. In many cases, the dog will give chase.

One dog has learned to live with the other animals in his household, with one other pet, in particular, being his favorite.

An extended family

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Black German shepherd Nuka has always been friendly with other animals. This is probably because he grew up in a house full of other animals, including a cat, rabbit, chicken, and a few Guinee pigs. But it is one animal in particular that has become his best friend, a gray and white rat named Blue.

“Our vet said, when he was younger, that he was wise beyond his years … because he’s generally so placid and relaxed,” Nicole Yates, Nuka’s mom, told The Dodo.

Nuka and Blue quickly become friends

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The friendship came about after Yates decided to take on Blue as a part of the family. The pet shop where he was living before was looking for emergency homes for its animals because of the coronavirus pandemic. As for when Nuka met Blue, the friendly dog was more than happy to help the little rat fit in.

“There was this immediate clear connection between Blue and Nuka compared with my other rats,” Yates said. “It was more so Blue who seemed to adore Nuka! He loved snuggling into Nuka’s fur, and if I put him down on the floor, he would run to find Nuka.”

Nuka adores the other animals in the home

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All of the animals in the home are friendly with Nuka and, despite his large size, are never afraid of him. Yates says that when Nuka was still a puppy, she would have him lie down if another smaller animal was in the room with him. Once he was relaxed, she would let him play with the other pets in the home.

Nuka and Blue like to cuddle together

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Blue seems to be enjoying his current arrangement. Nuka’s thick fur is perfect for the rat to make a little nest in to take a nap. As for Nuka, he takes it all in stride, and if he sees that Blue is asleep, he won’t move for fear of waking him.

The two are best friends

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“Blue is a very placid rat, so he’s really happy just being with Nuka and laying there with him, either snuggled into his mane or at his belly,” Yates said. “Nuka likes to bathe Blue with licks, which Blue doesn’t seem to mind either.”

Nuka’s interaction with Blue seems to indicate that he is happy with the relationship. Blue has become so used to the large dog that he uses his body to get his exercise in when he is awake — he just loves to climb all over Nuka!

For more on Nuka and his extended animal family, visit his Instagram page.

Watch the video below to see just how special the relationship is that the two shares.

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