German shepherd insists on waking up owner at 6:20 am on his day off

Many people across the country spend their time on a job working hard to make a living. So, when it is their day off, they like to relax and sleep in. One German shepherd has taken it upon herself to make sure that her owner gets up on time, even on his day off.

The whole episode was captured in a hilarious video and posted to YouTube.

Her owner’s personal alarm clock

Source: Wikimedia Commons – Pavel Ševela – CC BY-SA 4.0

Named Linda, the German shepherd has taken it upon herself to become her owner’s alarm clock. In the video, Linda doesn’t seem to not know what day it is. Her owner sleeps peacefully beside her, but not for long. As Linda rolls over, she starts to whine softly to her owner. The problem, it is only 6:20 a.m.

A gentle wakeup call

Source: YouTube – Linda German Shepherd

At first, she starts gently, so no one can blame her owner for not hearing her at first. She realizes that her efforts aren’t meeting with much success, so she decides to up the ante a little bit. Soon, she is giving a soft bark, which causes her owner to reach up and pet her, but he is not quite awake enough to her satisfaction.

Switching to full alarm clock mode

Source: YouTube – Linda German Shepherd

In Linda’s mind, she knows her owner needs to get up. Otherwise, he will be late to get his day started. She starts to tap him gently with her paw. Again, her owner tries his best to ignore Linda, but she is undeterred. Finally, she goes into full alarm clock mode.

Finally awake

Source: YouTube – Linda German Shepherd

Soon, she switches to a deeper tone until he is forced to wake up. That seems to do the trick and eventually he reaches up and starts petting her in earnest. Linda’s owner is definitely awake, whether he wanted to be or not. But he doesn’t seem to mind, as he knows in his heart that she means well.

What to do if your dog likes to wake you up when they shouldn’t

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Source: YouTube – Linda German Shepherd

If your dog likes to wake you up when they shouldn’t, the best thing you can do is try your best to ignore them, unless it is for a good reason. If you encourage the behavior, then your dog will more than likely continue to try to rouse you from your slumber when you’d rather they not.

You might even need to takes steps to curtail the behavior by providing an alternate way for them to fulfill the need to eat or use the bathroom while you are enjoying your time off, including making sure your dog has plenty of food before you go to bed, or leaving a door open for them to easily get out and use the bathroom.

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