German shepherd is scared of the sprinkler – sweet toddler helps him get over his fear

As the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This includes helping them get over their irrational fears — unless, of course, you are the baby in the story below.

In a video, a German shepherd has a fear of the water sprinklers, and who can blame him? They spray you with cold water! Fortunately for the dog, his baby friend was there to show him that everything was going to be A-OK.

The German shepherd was afraid of the stream of water

Source: YouTube/Amanpreet Singh

As the video opens, the dog can be seen standing beside his owner. In front of him stands a baby gesturing toward a water sprinkler spraying out a stream of water.

The dog looks like he is scared of the water and doesn’t want to go near the sprinkler head.

The baby shows the dog that there is nothing to be afraid of

Source: YouTube/Amanpreet Singh

The baby looks up at his parent as if to ask, “What is his problem?” Of course, the baby seems to know from experience that the water can’t hurt the dog. Maybe it was from all of his time in the bathtub?

Finally, the baby has had enough and decides to take matters into his own hands. One way or the other, he was determined to show the scared German shepherd that there was nothing to be afraid of.

The baby bravely reaches into the water

Source: YouTube/Amanpreet Singh

Walking over to the spraying sprinkler, the baby reaches down to grab at the water. He playfully puts his hand into the stream, giggling gleefully as he does so. In the background, you can hear the baby’s mom laughing loudly.

Emboldened, the dog approaches the sprinkler head, slowly at first. The baby, meanwhile, watches him closely to see what he does.

The dog was able to get over his fear

Source: YouTube/Amanpreet Singh

Finally, the dog darts in, sticking his snout in the water. This causes the baby and his mom to laugh even more. This seems to unleash the dog’s inner child as he dashes around, playing with the water’s stream.

Before too long he is running around, darting in long enough to bite at the water, his fear of the water sprinkler gone.

The dog continues to play in the water

Source: YouTube/Amanpreet Singh

It’s now apparent that the dog can’t get enough of the water, as he seems to relish life free of his former fear. Soon, he is taking the stream of water full-on in his face. Toward the end of the video, the baby seems determined to play along as well.

Sometimes, it simply takes a friend to help you get over your fears

Source: YouTube/Amanpreet Singh

Without his baby friend, this German shepherd might not have ever gotten over his fear of the water sprinkler. Now, he can play in the water all he wants and not have to worry about it hurting him.

It just goes to show that most people, and animals, show fear when they first encounter the unknown. Sometimes, it just a friend to step in to help them get over their fear. It is then that they find out that the experience is enjoyable after all.

You can watch the baby help his dog friend get over his fear of the water sprinkler in the video below.

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Source: Amanpreet Singh

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