Golden retriever puppies find the sweetest babysitter in a storytelling dragon

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The puppies were reaching the age when they could spend more time away from their mother. Luckily, a special babysitter was there to help them make the transition.

At four weeks old, the puppies were learning fast.

Source: Pixabay – Jagdprinzessin

Their mother had barely spent any time apart from them. She knew that her human owners would keep them safe, so she went out into the yard for some much earned alone time.

At first, the puppies were upset to be without their mom. Luckily, the owners knew just the thing to help out.

They took a dragon toy from their daughter’s room. The toy was specially designed to read stories to children as they went to sleep. But would it work on the puppies?

The owner placed the toy in the puppies’ space and pressed the button that made it tell a story.

Source: YouTube – ViralHog

As the dragon started moving and talking, all of the puppies were amazed. They went up to the strange creature and started sniffing. The dragon smelled like the little human in the house, so the puppies realized that it must be friendly.

The dragon kept on telling the puppies a story.

Source: YouTube – ViralHog

It was the classic fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk. They all paid attention. Some of the puppies started falling asleep. Others sat up and kept on listening, clearly wanting to know how the story ended.

As the story went on, all of the puppies settled down.

Source: YouTube – ViralHog

By the time the story was over, most of them were asleep, and all of them were relaxed. The toy always worked on the human daughter. But it turned out that it also worked on the Golden Retriever puppies!

Luckily, the owner was filming the puppies and the dragon.

The footage then appeared on YouTube. In less than two weeks, this footage has managed to gain over 267,000 views. It also has more than 600 likes.

The toy in the video is called Dalton the Storytelling Dragon.

Source: Instagram – Ironmaidenhell

It costs just under $40 on Amazon. For something that can make children and dogs alike fall asleep, that sounds like a pretty good price!

And as well as Jack and the Beanstalk, the toy also recites Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, The Ugly Duckling and Sleeping Beauty.

Amazingly enough, this isn’t the only storytelling dragon and golden retriever puppy video on the internet.

A family-run Golden Retriever breeder company in Michigan also shared a video of their puppies interacting with the dragon.

In this video, the dragon told the puppies Hansel and Gretel. These puppies take to the dragon even more enthusiastically.

By the end of the video, they have crowded all around the dragon and are giving it some cuddles. Naturally, it makes for some incredibly heartwarming footage.

Everyone knows that Golden Retrievers are among the most friendly animals on the entire planet. But few people knew until now that this friendliness extends to dragons.

All of the puppies in these videos are going to make incredible family members when they find their forever homes!

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Source: ViralHog, SunnyDream’s Golden Retrievers

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