Grief Stricken Cat Tries To Revive Murdered Kittens


Heart-wrenching images have emerged of a cat mourning the death of her kittens after some idiotic brute stabbed them in China.

One of the cats was tragically decapitated by the crazed killer.

The kittens were so young that they could barely open their eyes and were discovered by an old lady who’d been taking care of homeless cats in Xi’an for years.

The woman, known only as Mrs Yang, often feeds the cats and provides them with whatever shelter she can but her love for the felines isn’t shared by her local community.

Many people blame the cats for bringing diseases, which goes some way to explaining these horrendous and shocking pictures.

Mrs Yang apparently gave the two kittens and their mother a box to sleep in when she spotted them at around 7am in the morning. When she returned five hours later, she discovered the heartbreaking scene.

One of the kittens had its head chopped off while the other had been stabbed in the stomach. The mother cat refused to leave and purred incessantly while licking her dead children.

Local police are said to have shown no interest in discovering who had committed the crime.

Well millions will read this so perhaps you should take note, local police, especially with studies from PETA suggesting that the perpetrator could then move on to humans.

The kittens were buried nearby.

A tragic tale.

Words by George Pavlou

Images via CEN

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