Grieving Dog Refuses To Leave His Owner’s Body Who Was Killed In Hit-And-Run

Dogs top the list when it comes to the most loyal creatures and there are plenty of reasons why. They develop the most special relation with their owner and give everything to make them happy.

This is the reason why when their owners get super attached to them and never find their replacement. This is a two-way bond that when a dog owner dies, dogs also get depressed for life and never get normal again.

This is such a story, only more heartbreaking and full of pain and emotions. This story is about a man named Leonardo Valdes who was walking his dog named Doki when this tragic incident happened. All of a sudden, Valdes was struck by a vehicle and fell on the ground and it took some time for help to arrive. However, Doki stood there all the time, worrying and thinking about his owner.

Doki looked utterly heartbroken and he didn’t know what to do. Besides, there wasn’t much he could do anyway. When people gathered, they tried to move the dog away but he wouldn’t move and even the passerby people looked moved at the dog’s loyalty.

Doki would be missing Leonardo for the rest of his life and a family broke because of reckless driving. This is absolutely heartbreaking and just a little care could have prevented this, please share this message so that people would learn from this.

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