GSD shot in the head for chewing baby toys miraculously survives and gets a better life

Twenty-one-year-old Michigan resident Alex Carr was arrested for felony animal abuse charges after shooting his three-year-old German shepherd in the head for “chewing on his babies’ toys and clothes.” Somehow, however, the brave dog fought to survive for three whole days before finding help – and now, she’s getting a new lease on life.

Finding the Dog

On June 15, Sally Geer and her husband Wayne saw a German shepherd making its way onto the Stray Farm property.

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The couple immediately sensed something was wrong by the way the dog cocked its head oddly to the side. In an interview with WOOD TV, Sally recalled:

“(Wayne) saw her stagger into the end of our driveway and her head was tilted, and he knew that wasn’t right.”

In addition to the odd head tilt, the dog appeared to be hungry and dehydrated. Knowing something was wrong, Sally and Wayne decided to bring the dog to the vet.

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Visiting the vet

After arriving at the vet’s office, the couple learned what had happened to the dog: the sweet German shepherd had been shot and a bullet was still lodged in her head. “She’d actually been shot three days earlier and they assume she died,” Sally said.

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The couple decided to name the dog Jane. “We didn’t know her name at the time,” Sally explained, “so the vet put on the paperwork ‘Jane Doe,’ which cracked us up. Then Wayne said, ‘No, she took a bullet and managed to survive it. She’s G.I. Jane.”

After getting the dog the treatment she needed, Sally, as president of Animal Aid of Branch County, was now determined to get her justice too. A criminal case was opened and an investigation was launched by the sheriff’s office.

The investigation

Following the investigation, 21-year-old Alex Carr is now currently facing a one-year misdemeanor charge and a felony charge for animal cruelty. According to court documents, Carr turned himself in and admitted to shooting the dog after it had chewed on his children’s clothes and toys.

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After shooting the dog, originally known as Noel, with a pistol, Carr then left her for dead. Animal Aid of Branch County was concerned Carr would try to get the dog back after she was located, but the young man was ultimately forced to relinquish Jane as part of the criminal proceedings.

How Jane’s doing now

Jane is temporarily living with Sally and Wayne while she heals from her injuries. The couple has also started taking adoption applications to find her a forever home. “She’s just an amazing dog,” Sally told WOOD TV.

“She was just left laying on a tarp and then she decided she wasn’t going to die there, so she found her way here.”

Source: WOOD TV Screenshot

In a Facebook post about G.I. Jane, Animal Aid of Branch County wrote: “She still has medical issues to overcome but is getting great care. Janey’s will to survive stays strong and she is becoming playful and silly. Her balance is still off and she sometimes falls down when she gets too excited.”

Source: WOOD TV Screenshot

You can leave notes for Janey on the organization’s Facebook page or you can email them to If you would like to donate towards G.I. Jane’s medical expenses, you can do so using the “donate” button on the Animal Aid of Branch County Facebook page.

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