He Asked His Dogs To Roll Over. When I Saw The Cat’s Reaction, I Was In Stitches!!

We all know that we can teach our dogs learn to do pretty cool tricks, right? Well, what about cats?!

Most people can’t even imagine a cat doing tricks. However, this cat is definitely trying to prove something, so when the dogs roll over, she does the same.
Well, either her owner spent hours training the cat or she learned the trick while watching the dogs try, just to let them know she is smarter. I think it’s the latter. And you?
Meet Didga, the adorable kitty who appears to be quite familiar with the term “copy cat.”

If a dog can do something, why can’t Didga?! LOL
Check out this short but sweet video on the next page of Didga sitting next to two Rottweilers who proceeds to show that cats can do tricks too!

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