Helpless Animal Gets First Taste Of Freedom, After Living In Box For 17-Years

For 17 years, an innocent animal lived inside a tiny box, with no access to human kindness. She spent her entire life in isolation and used for bile extractions. Bile farm bears remain in cramped cages their whole life.

The practice of extracting bile from bears has been illegal in Vietnam since 1992, but it still happens. So many of these innocent bears die due to poor health and malnutrition. That was about to change for one bear.

The rescue team at Animals Asia cut the locks off a cage containing one of these helpless bears. As they tended to the weakened animal, it was clear she needed extensive help.

Source: Facebook/Animals Asia

According to their Facebook page, this is the 200th bear Animals Asia has rescued in Vietnam.

As they drove her to a new location for medical treatment, they offered the animal, called “moon bear” a banana and some leaves. She never knew such human kindness until now.

Heidi Quine, Animals Asia’s Vietnam bear and vet team director, told The Dodo, “Once we have a chance to assess her health properly and observe her behavior further, we’ll have a better idea of how long she may need before she is ready to step out onto grass.”

We look forward to hearing more about the bear’s progress and recovery, which will be long and extensive.

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