Ignored Then Left For Dead- He Curled Up And Waited For A Higher Power To Come

A sweet, innocent dog named Powder was abandoned in the Florida Everglades. The conditions are so harsh that no dog could survive long. Yet this dog clung on, just barely.

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He lay in a ball to keep warm. He was in obvious distress. Who could be so cruel to this poor baby? Luckily,  a couple in the area noticed the dog and called for help. The dog appeared to be lifeless. The couple kept calling the authorities but no one responded at first. Finally, hours later, deputies came to help.

Source: LostPet FoundPet

The police are used to seeing pretty horrific things but as they got closer to the dog, they were shocked by his condition. It broke their hearts to see someone had treated this dog so badly. As they say in the video, “it was obvious that this dog had been suffering for quite some time.”

After giving him some food and water, and trying their best to give him positive attention, they gained the dog’s trust. It wasn’t easy. Powder was traumatized on top of being in very bad shape.

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The police officers were able to move Powder, with the assistance of a large blanket to carry the bulk of his weight, to one of their cars. It was so heartwrenching that he couldn’t even walk on his own.

Powder had to get medical attention immediately. Thankfully a local group, named Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue, agreed to help out.

The poor pup required eye surgery on both eyes but because he was not well enough for surgery, he had to wait. Powder also had a very bad case of mange. They gave him proper medication as well. Now it was time for Powder to rest.

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As the poor pup was treated for all his ailments, he made tremendous strides. Finally being surrounded by caring people who only wanted the best for him changed his entire demeanor. Feeling loved is really the best… especially for a dog who needs love so badly!

Powder got strong enough for eye surgery. His eyelids were folded in on themselves so the vet repaired that. Now he can see properly! He must feel so much better. His tail wags say it all!

He went to the Dezzy’s Second Chance ranch to recover. And boy, did he love every minute. He’s never had so much fun before. Look at all that space to run and play!

Source: LostPet FoundPet

Next step: Powder will be available for adoption! Once he’s totally cleared by the vet, he will be neutered and then placed with qualified adopters (and he’s got lots of interest!)

Source: LostPet FoundPet

To know that he made it so far, after so much heartbreak and pain, is truly the happiest ending possible. Watch Powder’s rescue video below and then click here if you want to watch his follow-up video. Thank you to all who helped Powder survive and (now) thrive!

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