Italian Town Uses Silent Fireworks To Help Animals

If you have pets, then you know how frightened they can become when someone is shooting off fireworks. During the 4th of July and other holidays which celebrate using fireworks, the stress levels in our pets can go way up. This is because they have no idea what is going on with all of the bright lights and loud bangs, and so become frightened.

A New Type of Firework

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Collecchio, in the Parma District of Italy, has taken the first step in battling stressed out pets during firework displays by making it mandatory that celebrants use silent fireworks. While one of the first cities in the world to do so, the hope is that others will follow suit. And they have. Recently, the Belgian city of Middelkerke has switched over to silent fireworks for their celebrations.

The Affects of Fireworks on Your Pets

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As stated, fireworks can really do a number on your pet, sending them scrambling for cover as the loud explosions go off overhead, even when they are inside. In fact, the days after the 4th of July usually result in more vet visits than any other day of the year. The sudden and loud bangs of fireworks have been known to cause nausea, panic attacks, and even heart issues in pets.

How Silent Fireworks Can Help

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Silent fireworks are providing the perfect solution for many, with their reduced noise as they launch into the air. And while the fireworks do make some noise, it is reduced to the point that animals aren’t startled or scared when they go off. The loud bang at the end is usually what causes the most stress in animals.

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But, don’t worry about silent fireworks being less spectacular. They are just as bright and provide the same dazzling display we have grown to love, just with less noise. In fact, in some cases, silent fireworks usually have strong visual effects and even lasers as a part of the show, making them a lot more colorful than a typical fireworks display.

Companies That Sell Silent Fireworks

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Also know as quiet fireworks, silent fireworks are sold by a selection of companies, including Epic Fireworks and Dynamic Fireworks (if you live in the U.K.), or Phantom Fireworks in the U.S. Silent fireworks are referred to in different terminology depending on the company you are buying from . Look for descriptors such as low noise, quiet, or silent when shopping for silent fireworks.

Other Steps That You Can Take to Calm Your Pet During Firework Displays

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Some other ways to help alleviate stress in your pets during a firework display include using a device called a ThunderShirt. A ThunderShirt goes around the torso of your pet and applies gentle pressure. This gentle pressure has been shown to relieve anxiety, helping to keep your pet calmer.

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Another way to keep your pet calm is to provide a special place for them to go during a firework display near your home. Under a cabinet, the bathtub, or a closet are just some of the locations that a pet can use to escape the loud noise of the fireworks.

You can also play music to help drown out the sound of the fireworks, distract them by playing with them, or by giving them a calming drug. Calming drugs include herbs, homeopathic drugs, and melatonin.

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