Justice for Texas dog chained outside during heavy floods!

Texas, United States of America: The video attached to the petition illustrated the plight of a family dog that was chained outside, left with nothing but a thick chain around his neck and a tiny, uninsulated kennel.

His owners forgot him there and this sweet pooch had to deal with intense discomfort caused by subzero temperatures for days in a row. Even when intense flooding hit the area, the owners still didn’t bother to reach out to the dog and bring him inside. They fled the scene, leaving their faithtful pet behind. Everything was flooded in the area, so the dog climbed up on the top of his kennel and waited for rescuers to appear.

Fortunately, rescuers arrived soon and the distressed dog – frozen stiff and deeply heartbroken – was brought to safety. You could see in his eyes that he was suffering tremendously. I sincerely doubt he would have survived much longer hadn’t it been for the superb efforts of his rescuers.

Such incidents are, in my opinion, a national disgrace. The only way they can be prevented is if the US Congress adopted a law that will make chaining dogs illegal in each and every US state. Tying your dog to a thick chain outside – regardless of the weather – is inhumane and simply should not occur. This is not what having pets is about. Unfortunately, I am extremely troubled to say that I have read about thousands of similar cases – dogs chained outside for days, even weeks, and left to deal with extreme weather, including blistering cold and scorching hot sun.

Let’s put an end to these types of sad news! Please take action and voice your support for a national anti-tethering law in the United States! Be a voice for those that can’t speak for themselves!

Thank you.

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