K9 Faust gets emotional during his last call — knows it’s his last shift

To Protect and To Serve is a motto that many police officers live by every day. This is doubly so for the K9s that serve alongside their handlers. Not only do police K9s obediently serve alongside their partners, they also selflessly give of themselves and risk their lives. So, when it is time for them to retire, they are afforded the same treatment as their human counterparts.

Faust acts like he knows what is happening

Source: YouTube/BNSF Railway

K9 Faust, a German shepherd, and Special Agent Bryan Schaffer have worked together at the BNSF Police Department in Texas for eight years, so it was bittersweet when it was time for Faust to retire. As Officer Schaffer placed the emotional last call at the end of Faust’s final shift, you can see in the video Faust whining and reacting as if he knows what is about to go down.

Officer Schaffer gets emotional

Source: YouTube/BNSF Railway

Schaffer gets a little emotional as the dispatcher responds to the 1042 call. He gives Faust a kiss on his head prompting the K9 to whine again and retreat into the back of the patrol vehicle. It would seem Faust knows that this is his last day working with Schaffer and is dreading what comes next.

K9 Faust’s many years of dedicated service

Source: Facebook/Bryan Schaffer

K9 Faust had served his time with the police department as a certified Explosives Detection and Patrol dog, providing security alongside Schaffer. Schaffer placed the call as a way to honor his companion and his years of dedicated service. Fortunately, this is not the end of their relationship as Faust lives at home with Schaffer. Schaffer even shared a message to Faust on his Facebook page:

“Faust, thank you for all the good you have done for BNSF and other agencies – but mostly I thank you for getting us both home safe after every shift.”

A career filled with honor

Source: Facebook/Bryan Schaffer

During his time with the department, Faust and Schaffer have responded to may calls over the years. Faust has even been recognized for his amazing service, winning an award in 2015. The duo placed second in obedience at the National Railway Police K9 Trials. Faust also came in fifth place in explosive detection during the trials.

What is a 1042?

Source: YouTube/BNSF Railway

Also known as a 1042, a last call is usually performed when an officer has died, either in the line of duty or from an illness. Sometimes though, departments perform these calls as a way to honor the officer, in this case K9 Faust. On the call, the dispatcher issues a call to the officer, which is then followed by radio silence.

Source: Facebook/Bryan Schaffer

It can be an emotional experience for all involved as it signifies that the officer, human or animal, will no longer be receiving and responding to calls from that point forward. Here is the video of the bittersweet end of call for K9 Police Officer Faust.

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Source: BNSF Railway

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