Kitten and owl meet each other and develop a friendship beyond words

Travelers to Japan know about the many cat cafes found on the island nation. When visiting a cat café, patrons can enjoy a cup of coffee while they pet and play with the cats that live on the premises.

One cat café in Osaka, Japan, has taken this trend to the next level. In addition to cats, the location also offers a baby owl for visitors to enjoy. Best of all, the owl has become best friends with a kitten.

Marimo and Fuku become the best of friends

Source: Facebook/Hukulou Coffee

The Hukulou Coffee shop, like many cat cafes, blends the favorite beverage with relaxing alongside the resident cats. They also have a baby owl, named Fuku, who helps keep café guests entertained along with his cat best friend, Marimo.

Before Marimo came to live at the café, Fuku had some owl buddies, but none of them became his good friend like the kitten did.

Source: Facebook/Hukulou Coffee

Once Marimo arrived, though, Fuku had a friend for life. Soon, the two were inseparable and were often found cuddling together or near each other. The staff at Hukulou Coffee could not believe what they were seeing.

It was almost as if the two were long lost siblings who had finally found each other.

The two are often found side-by-side

Source: Facebook/Hukulou Coffee

From the moment that they met, the duo wasn’t afraid to get up close and personal. Somehow, Fuku and Marimo realized that they had nothing to fear from each other. According to the staff, it was only a matter of minutes before the two buddies were side-by-side.

The two friends are so photogenic

Source: Facebook/Hukulou Coffee

Normally, in the wild, cats and owls would-be enemies, but not these two. They seem to not mind each other at all and are often found posing together as shown in the many photos of the two that can be found online, including on the café’s Facebook page and its Website.

Based on the many photos, it looks like Fuku and Marimo will be friends for a long time to come. It is as if Marimo knew that Fuku needed a friend and was more than happy to step in. These two are a testament to the fact that anybody can be friends regardless of who or what they are.

Hukulou Coffee

Source: Facebook/Hukulou Coffee

Hukulou Coffee is located in a trendy area in Osaka known as Nakazakinishi, close to Umeda Station, for those familiar with the area. The café offers daily photo sessions with the popular pair. Patrons come to the café to meet the Fuku and Marimo, as well as to enjoy the coffee. The café also houses other animals, including a wide variety of cats, a hedgehog, and some ferrets.

Source: Facebook/Hukulou Coffee

So, the next time you happen to find yourself in Osaka, Japan, stop by Hukulou Coffee and say hello to Fuku and Marimo, and make sure to take a photo with them.

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