Man being chased by two pit bulls approaches deputy — both forced to jump on hood of police car

Dogs act aggressively for a variety of reasons. They attack other dogs and people due to fear, a desire to protect what is theirs, and because they are ill, among other reasons. Whatever the reasoning behind a dog attack, the need to protect yourself is important in these types of situations.

Fortunately, for a man from El Reno, Oklahoma, a police officer was nearby when he came under attack by two aggressive pit bulls.

Running from two aggressive dogs

Source: El Reno Tribune

As Canadian County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Barrett Storm pulled up, he saw a man fleeing from two pit bulls. Screaming, the man was running backward while warding off the two aggressive dogs with his jacket. Stopping his patrol car, Deputy Storm got out to help.

The two men ended up having to get on the hood of the patrol car to avoid the dogs.

Calling animal control

Source: Canadian County Sheriff’s Office

Meanwhile, Deputy Storm contacted animal control. As they waited for animal control officers to arrive, Storm banged his baton on the car to keep them close by so they wouldn’t wander away. The dogs were eventually taken into custody. As for Storm and the man, they were unharmed.

The owner of the two dogs was cited

Source: Pikist

The owner of the two dogs was cited for allowing his dogs to run loose. The two dogs were of the pit bull breed, which has the reputation of being aggressive. Unfortunately, this stereotype has led to the unfair stigmatization of the breed as a whole.

The fact is that any breed of dog can be aggressive under different circumstances.

What to do if you come across an aggressive dog

Source: Pexels/DSD/Free to use

If you come across an aggressive dog, there are some steps you can take to avoid injury. Short of avoiding aggressive dogs when out for a walk or run, you should carry some sort of protection to use if you happen to come across a hostile animal.

Source: Pup Life Today

Some common deterrents to use with aggressive dogs include whistles, including both regular and dog whistles. The hope is that the loud noise will startle them enough to give you time to get away. You can also carry a spray bottle with water. If an aggressive dog approaches you, simply spraying the dog with the water might be enough to drive it away.

Whatever you do, avoid running away unless it is necessary. Most dogs will instinctively chase you, seeing you as prey. The best attitude to have around an aggressive dog is nonthreatening. This includes not looking the dog directly in the eye or approaching them.

If you are attacked by an aggressive dog and can’t get away, use your arms and legs to protect your vital areas. If you find yourself on the ground, curl as tightly into a ball as you can while calling for help. While it might be difficult, if a dog bites you, do not pull away, or you risk making the injury worse.

For more on Deputy Storm’s heroic actions, watch the video below.

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