Man Brings Blind Homeless Pup To Pet Store & Buys Him Everything He Touches

Kobe is a blind, homeless Cane Corso puppy who has had a rough life, but now he is learning what it’s like to be loved and have fun, all thanks to Rocky Kanaka.

Rocky Kanaka has poured his heart and soul into animal rescue. He travels across the country to raise awareness for homeless pets and helps them find forever homes. He also takes shelter dogs out of their kennels to experience their ‘best day ever’ in his show “Dog’s Day Out.”

Kobe is just one of thousands of dogs that Kanaka has helped.

Kobe is still on the hunt for a family, but in the meantime, Kanaka wanted to try and show him how special her s by taking him shopping. Kobe is in for a real treat because Kanaka agreed to buy him every single item he touches in the store!

Kobe may not be able to see, but he can still smell and use his other senses to get around. Once he smelled the bone, he began playing with it and showed the happy, active side of him. So, of course the bone was added to their shopping cart!

While Kobe is blind, rescuers and vets are working to see if he’ll be able to get surgery to fix his eye issues, so there is hope that he may see someday!

Kanaka also took special needs dog Penelope shopping. She uses a wheelchair to get around and she, too, was able to buy everything she touched.

Watch the cuteness in the video below:

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