Man builds kid-sized railroad in his yard for his grandkids- but now German shepherds are running the show

Mariano and Esmerelda Rendon’s dogs – including two German Shepherds – have the best backyard play area of any kid in town – dog or human.

The couple lives in Shavano Park, Texas and Mariano have a keen interest in trains. So much so that he’s built some impressive tracks and train cars on his property – and they just happen to fit his dogs perfectly.

Source: Facebook – Mariano Jr P Rendon

The COVID-19 pandemic has sidelined us all from our regular hobbies and forced us to find more to do around the house, but few have taken it as far as Rendon has. He already had a backyard train, but it’s safe to say he’s leveled up significantly in the last few months!

About 1000 feet of track surrounds his home and – they aren’t just for dogs. Rendon’s grandkids are pretty fond of the giant rideable railroad as well.

He began to post photos of his feat of backyard engineering in 2018, but it appears the lockdown has given him a lot more time to add to his tracks and really concentrate on his upgrades.

But these days the kids can get a little destructive (and, frankly, we’d want to knock some things over too if we were 3 years old and there was nowhere to go for months!).

Source: Facebook – Mariano Jr P Rendon

Hey, sometimes things go off the rails!

In this case, “gone to the dogs” might be a good thing!

Source: Facebook – Mariano Jr P Rendon

Called “Salsa Tracks,” Rendon’s railroad is truly something to behold.

Since March, the improvements have been extraordinary. Take a look at these trains!

Source: Facebook – Mariano Jr P Rendon

But since the couple adopted their three beautiful dogs, the clientele on the train has changed a bit.

It turns out canines love to ride the rails!

Just look at these little hobos:

Source: Facebook – Mariano Jr P Rendon

Of course, puppies need lots of sleep, so sometimes they miss their stop.

It looks like someone fell asleep and will have to wait for the train to come around to the right place again.

Source: Facebook – Mariano Jr P Rendon

It seems like the pups are so keen to take the train that they even have to take turns sometimes.

Source: Facebook Screenshot – Backyard Railroading

Of course, railroading isn’t the only highlight of these dogs’ day. They get lots of swim time too.

We’re starting to think these pups have it better than we do!

Ok, they definitely do.

Source: Facebook – Mariano Jr P Rendon

With two boys and a girl, the couple has their hands full – and that’s before the grandkids stop by!

But when Rendon posts to the Backyard Railroading Facebook group, people are pretty jealous that he can get his dogs on board with his project. Other train aficionados don’t have quite the same luck.

We’re not sure what’s next for the retired Rendon’s railroad, but he’s definitely planning on adding more.

His adorable pups even made cameos in his latest update video for the new set of tracks – they seem pretty excited about the new toys too!

Source: Facebook – Mariano Jr P Rendon

The new section of the railroad is called “Corona Pass,” in honor of the reason Rendon had so much extra time and impetus to build it.

It’s just one more set of tracks on the grand SALSA R.R. San Antonio Texas in his very own backyard.

If you don’t believe these dogs love to ride the rails, be sure to scroll down to see their fun train ride.

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Source: Facebook – Backyard RailroadingFacebook Mariano Jr P Rendon

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